International Conference on Environmental Aspects of Bangladesh (ICEAB), Sept., 2010

University of Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu, JAPAN


ICEAB 2012

Int. Journal of Environment



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Conference Proceedings of ICEAB10 (ISBN: 978-984-33-1979-1)
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Download CC01 Mega Dams in the Himalayas: An Assessment of Environmental Degradation and Global Warming
Download CC02 Students’ Willingness to Pay for Offsetting Carbon Emissions on IUB Campus: A Contingent Valuation Approach
Download CC03 Determinants of CO2 equivalent offset price: A case study of the voluntary carbon offset market in Australia
Download CC04 The Impacts of Climate Change on the Coastal Belt of Bangladesh: An Investigation of Risks & Adaptations on Agricultural Sector
Download CC05 Community Based Risk Assessment and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Wetlands of Bangladesh: A Case Study from Chenchuri Beel, Narail , Bangladesh
Download CC06 Water Logging in Keshabpur: A Focus to the Coping Strategies of the People
Download CC07 Climate Change Impacts on Flood Vulnerability for Dhaka City
Download EE01 Analyzing of Trade and Environment towards Sustainable Development
Download EE02 Eco-tourism and Environmental Education: An opportunity for Bangladesh
Download EE03 Public Management for Street Vendor Problems in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Download EE04 Effect of holding time and the amount of fiber content on the flexural properties of Bagasse /bamboo fiber reinforced biodegradable composites
Download FB01 Monotypic taxa, their taxonomic implications and conservation needs in Bangladesh
Download FB02 Shrimp farming, mangrove depletion and environmental governance: A case study on the coastal region of Bangladesh
Download FB03 The Environmental Impact of Alien Invasive Plant Species in Bangladesh
Download FB04 Comparative growth performance of Leucaena leucocephala seedlings raised in nursery bed, polybag and root trainers
Download FB05 Lac production and its economic return to rural economy in Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh
Download FB06 Tiger conservation and its feasibility analysis in Nepal
Download FB07 Protected area co-management in Bangladesh – can enhance the adaptation of the forest communities?
Download FB08 Coastal and marine biodiversity of Bangladesh (Bay of Bengal)
Download FM01 Phenology and litterfall production of mangrove Rhizophora styloa Griff. In a subtropical region, Okinawa Island, Japan
Download FM02 Carbon acquisition of mangrove Kandelia obovata trees
Download FM03 Climate change and its impact on fisheries resources in Bangladesh
Download FM04 Suitable site selection of shrimp farming in the coastal areas of Bangladesh using remote sensing techniques (4 S Model)
Download GE01 Impact of Utilization of Solar PV Technology among Marginalized Poor People in Rural Area of Bangladesh
Download GE02 Supplementing energy demand of rural households in Bangladesh through application of effective biogas technology
Download GE03 PV water pumping for irrigation harvesting rain water
Download GE04 Solar Energy to meet the Energy Crisis in Bangladesh
Download GE05 Study on the Efficiency of the GaInP2/GaAs/Ge Multijunction Solar Cell
Download GE06 Prospect of Mustard and Coconut Oil as Environment Friendly Lubricant for Bangladesh
Download GE07 Bio-Electricity Generation by Using Organic Waste in Bangladesh
Download PA01 Status of Particulate Matter and Its Impact on Roadside Population of Dhaka City, Bangladesh: A Review Study
Download PA02 Air Pollution Aspects of Dhaka City
Download PA03 Observation of atmospheric pollutants in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Download PA04 Air Pollutants Source Tracking - Tracking of possible sources of Dhaka city air
Download PA05 Perforated Tube as a Muffler in Jet Noise Reduction
Download PH01 Environmental situation of drop in centers for high risk population on HIV/AIDS prevention in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Download PH02 Satellite Remote Sensing In Water and Health Surveillance System
Download PH03 GIS based Risk Analysis for Arsenic Contamination: A Case Study of Chapai Nawabganj District in Bangladesh
Download PH04 Access to Water and Sanitation in Refugee Settings: Success and Setbacks in Bangladesh
Download PH05 Print media and climate change in Bangladesh: the missing health issue
Download RW01 Phenol biodegradation by Pseudomonas putida CP1 and A(a)
Download RW02 Flow characteristics and environmental flow requirements for the Teesta River, Bangladesh
Download RW03 Persistent Organic Pollutants and Pesticide Residues in Seasonal Waters of Rural Bangladesh
Download RW04 Status of Arsenic Test and Exposure to Arsenic-contaminated Tubewell Water
Download RW05 River embankment and bank failure in Bangladesh: A Study on Geotechnical characteristics and stability analysis
Download RW06 Water Quality Aspects in and around Dhaka City
Download RW07 Integrated Water Resources Management Options for Dhaka City
Download RW08 Deterioration of water quality of Surma river influenced by Natural Canals Passing through Sylhet City of Bangladesh
Download RW09 Surface water quality assessment of the Surma River using factor analysis
Download RW10 Relationship of Carbon-Arsenic-Nitrogen in Sediment with Respect to Arsenic Release in Groundwater in Bangladesh - A Preliminary Study
Download RW11 Environmental Change Detection of the Padma river in the North-Western part of Bangladesh using Multi-date Landsat Data
Download RW12 Pollution of marine environment in Bangladesh by shipping and the preventive methods
Download RW13 Assessment of Manganese Removal from Groundwater Using Adsorptive Filtration Media
Download RW14 Rapid removal of arsenate and phosphate from water by highly selective weak-base anion exchange adsorbents
Download WM01 E-waste management through silver recovery from scrap of plasma TV monitors
Download WM02 For environmentally harmonious society in South Asia
Download WM03 Migration of Cs+ through MX 80 bentonite under different ionic concentration (Correction: Fig. 2 will be Fig. 3 & vice versa)
Download WM04 Minimizing the stone dust through a sustainable way: a case study of stone crushing industry of Sylhet
Download WM05 Solid Waste Management Through Bartering - a case study in Sylhet
Download WM06 Waste Management at Local level: A Study on Pak Phli District, Thailand
Download WM07 E-Waste and its Management – A Global Perspective
Download WM08 Study of Solid Waste Management and its Impact on Climate Change: A Case Study of Dhaka City in Bangladesh
Download WM09 Industry and Environment in Bangladesh: Lesson from Japanese experience of 3Rs
Download WM10 Drastic expansion of ship breaking yard in Bangladesh: a cancerous tumor to the coastal environment
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